Jo Sonja Satin Varnish 250ml
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Jo Sonja Satin Varnish

  • Provides the toughest finish available.
  • Excellent brushing qualities.
  • May be used inside or out to provide maximum, long term protection.
  • Dries clear & non-yellowing.
  • Excellent corrosion, chemical, scratch & wear resistance.
  • A slight milky appearance may occur when applying Jo Sonja\'s Satin Varnish. This is normal and is more obvious on dark backgrounds. The milkiness should disappear as the varnish dries & cures. Sand lightly during 24 hours lapse between coats to ensure good adhesion. Apply at least 4 coats for maximum protection.
  • Painted objects can be handled when they are dry to the touch, but maximum durability is not achieved until varnish reaches its cure time (at least 2 weeks under normal conditions).